The Company

Industrins Internationalserings Center (IIC) AB was established in 1982 by Anette Engström to fill an unmet need. At the time, Anette was working with expatriates in a large multinational Swedish company. She saw that understanding business cultures was an increasingly important new skill that people in the business world needed to master. There were no business culture services available for expatriates and business people. She saw this new market opportunity and created IIC to meet this need.

As the sophistication and speed of international communications grows, the world becomes increasingly subject to the same types of stimuli. It comes through the internet, printed word, television and traveling. The world is shrinking. But it can be tempting and very misleading to assume that things are the same wherever you go.

This is particularly true for companies involved in international business. What may be an accepted way of doing business in one country could easily lead to unanticipated results in another. It is no longer possible for anyone to carry out business in another country and assume that the home country's business practices can be exported. It is not possible to absorb all that needs to be known about a country, its culture, and (most important) its business culture in a glance. There's no need to be afraid of new or unknown business cultures if you understand them, then utilize the opportunities that this diversity may offer.