Business Cultures Seminars

Seminars are created based on company needs and participants´ professions / roles.

Participants take an active role in all seminars. Short lectures are mixed with practical examples, cases, discussions, role-play and simulation games. 

All seminars are performed at customer's premises.

Target Group: Business people who have contacts with business cultures in countries listed below can benefit by attending. They can be colleagues from mother/sister companies, customers, suppliers or project team members. These include managers and key people who influence decisions, sell ideas/products, instruct/motivate, or solve problems.

Objective: At the end of the training, attendees will have a better understanding of business cultures. They will gain skills to develop empathy and mutual understanding. Participants will learn to avoid friction, create stronger trust and better co-operation.

Business Culture seminars on:

  • Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland
  • Germany
  • Holland, Belgium
  • United Kingdom, Ireland
  • Italy, France, Spain
  • Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary
  • Russia
  • United States
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • China and Taiwan
  • Frames of Reference - How business cultures perceive themselves and others.
  • How to be Successful with Different:
    • Communication styles. Direct and indirect communication. Company and product presentations. Meeting tactics.
    • Management styles
    • Ways of working: decision making, conflicts, planning
    • Values: about status, favors, time, truth.

Seminars for Expatriates. These 2-day seminars are designed to provide information about living and working abroad.

Target Group: Expatriates working for companies in foreign countries.

Objective: After training, participants will have a good understanding of business culture and organizational issues essential for the new job. They become aware of them, and learn how to go into action. The spouse will be provided with guidelines to develop her own plan for living in the new culture. This facilitates a soft landing, giving people a faster way to feel at home in the new culture.


  • The Expatriate Life: Pros and Cons - How to achieve a good life in the new country for husband, wife and children.
  • Culture Stress - what one can gain from this "pain".
  • The Country's Culture - its norms and values; how they show and play out in business and everyday life.

Seminars for Returnees. These 2-day seminars are designed to re-acquaint business people returning from abroad with their home culture.

Target Group: Expatriates returning home after 5 years or more in another country.

Objective: Training will provide participants with better patience and understanding of their home culture and its people. They'll know what to expect from old surroundings and how to respond to them. They'll be more realistic without bitterness!


  • Returning Home - How it is to move back home after many years abroad; how to make a vacation country a home country again.
  • Culture Stress - The reentry process is tough after a long time abroad. What can be done to ease the adjustment process.
  • The "New-Old" Home Culture and New Personal Norms - how they interact and function together.

The Human Merger at Mergers and Acquisitions. This 1-day seminar is designed to help people function more effectively following a merger.

Target Group: Company staff affected by the process of merger / acquisition.

Objective: Participants will gain a good understanding of how difficult and painful a merger process is for both individuals and organizations. They will learn what to do immediately after a merger to avoid the most common negative effects.


  • Avoiding Anarchy, Opposition, Underground Activities - how to prevent negative effects that can emerge after a merger.
  • Phases - people normally go through different phases after a merger.
  • Setting a Positive Tone - for future relations between the companies.
  • Differences & Diversity - how to identify them, and use them as strengths and advantages.
Corporate Analysis after Mergers and Acquisitions.

A corporate analysis following a merger / acquisition provides valuable insight into the two different corporate cultures. It identifies strengths that can be maximized, and weaknesses that can be counteracted before they generate future concerns.

Anette conducts face-to-face interviews with individuals in their local environment to analyze and evaluate both their personal and corporate motivations. The purpose of these sessions is to seek in-depth knowledge of the dynamics that can affect the results of the merger.

Her findings and recommendations are presented in a concise written report, augmented and supported by a verbal report. She is frequently invited to follow up on her reports by participating in the implementation of her recommendations.

Anette has extensive experience in the area of corporate analysis. She has been commissioned to carry out analyses for major companies in different industries in countries throughout the world. Clients are invited to contact Anette for more information about IIC's corporate analysis service.